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Year of the Dragon

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Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon (view technical specs)

The Year of the Dragon, a revered cycle in the Chinese zodiac, is a captivating period symbolizing power, vitality, and auspicious energy. Dragons, mythical creatures in Chinese lore, embody a majestic blend of strength and wisdom. Those born under this legendary sign are believed to inherit the dragon’s dynamic characteristics, marked by charisma, intelligence, and an adventurous spirit. With a potent ability to inspire and lead, individuals born in the Year of the Dragon are often seen as destined for success. The dragon’s symbolism extends beyond personal traits; it is a harbinger of blessings and prosperity, often associated with imperial authority in Chinese culture. As the only mythical creature in the zodiac, the dragon brings a sense of grandeur and significance to the lunar calendar. The Year of the Dragon is considered a time of vibrant enthusiasm, courageous endeavors, and the pursuit of ambitious goals. It is a period marked by the promise of remarkable achievements and dynamic energy, inviting individuals to embrace the spirit of the dragon and soar to new heights.

Technical Specs

Design:Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:İbajena and siewhoong at istockphoto.com
Printer:Bpost Security Printers
Process:Offset Lithography
Colours:4 colours
Stamp size:30 x 30mm
Issue date:2024-02-20
Stamp Values:£3.16, £4