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Gibraltar Cannons

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Gibraltar Cannons

Gibraltar Cannons (view technical specs)

Gibraltar’s fortifications have made the Rock of Gibraltar one of the most fought over and most densely fortified locations in Europe. The peninsula, has great strategic importance as a result of its position by the Straits where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. The set of twelve stamps feature cannons which have been utilized to defend Gibraltar during historic events such as the Great Siege and the Second World War. The illustrations featured on the stamps are actual representations of the cannons at their current state and have been commissioned to Gibraltarian artist Mr Leslie Gaduso. 

The depicted cannons are found at different locations throughout Gibraltar and serves as one of Gibraltar’s popular tourist attractions. Featured cannons;

10p - 5.25 HAA 1953
12p - 6 inch Coast 1909
18p - 8 inch Howitzer 1783
22p - 9.2 inch Coast MK 10 1935
40p - 10 inch RML 1870
50p - 12 Pounder 1758
64p - 24 Pounder 1779
70p - 13 inch Mortar 1783
80p - 25 Pounder Gun-How 1943
£1 - 64 Pounder RML 1873
£2 - Bofors L40-70 1951
£3 - Russian 24 PR 1854

Technical Specs

Design:Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:Leslie Gaduzo
Printer:Bpost Security Printers
Process:Offset Lithography
Colours:4 colours
Stamp size:40 x 30mm
Issue date:2018-03-05
Stamp Values:10p, 12p, 18p, 22p, 40p, 50p, 64p, 70p, 80p, 1,