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Birds of Prey

Price Pack Miniature Sheet: £8.85
Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey (view technical specs)

Gibraltar, with its unique geographical location at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is an important habitat and migratory route for various species, making these birds of prey particularly significant to the region. The stamps and miniature sheet feature captivating photographs skillfully captured by Mr Nicholas Ferrary, a dedicated wildlife enthusiast and Gibraltarian native. The "Birds of Prey" collection showcases the following species:
Golden Eagle: A top predator, the Golden Eagle soars over mountains, preying on a diverse range of mammals and birds. Its presence underscores the importance of apex predators in maintaining ecological balance.
Black Vulture: Dominating the skies with its broad wings, the Black Vulture is a key member of nature’s cleanup crew, efficiently disposing of carcasses and contributing to ecosystem health.
Egyptian Vulture: Known for its distinctive white plumage and yellow face, the Egyptian Vulture is an adaptable scavenger that plays a vital role in waste disposal and carrion cleanup.
Imperial Eagle: The Imperial Eagle symbolises conservation efforts, highlighting the importance of habitat preservation for endangered species and ecosystem health.

Scops Owl: The nocturnal Scops Owl, with its haunting calls, controls insect populations and demonstrates the adaptability of owls to diverse environments.
Red Kite: As a graceful glider, the Red Kite efficiently disposes of carrion, contributing to the cleanliness and health of woodland habitats.
Griffon Vulture: Soaring in groups, the sociable Griffon Vulture efficiently recycles nutrients through carrion disposal, playing a vital role in ecosystem health.
Eagle Owl: The Eagle Owl, a nocturnal giant, preys on a variety of animals with its acute vision and silent flight, maintaining the balance of nocturnal populations.
Lesser Kestrel: Agile and vibrant, the Lesser Kestrel hunts insects and small vertebrates, showcasing the importance of birds of prey in regulating insect populations and ecosystem balance.
Bonelli's Eagle: Bonelli’s Eagle, a powerful hunter, controls populations of certain species with strength and precision, contributing to ecological health and balance.
Black Kite: Versatile and agile, the Black Kite soars across diverse landscapes, playing a crucial role in ecological balance through its hunting and scavenging.
Booted Eagle: Known for its feathered legs and agile flight, the Booted Eagle demonstrates remarkable hunting skill, underscoring the significance of adaptability in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Technical Specs

Design:Stehen Perera
Illustration / Photography:Nicholas Ferrary
Printer:Bpost Security Printers
Process:Offset Lithography
Colours:4 Colours
Stamp size:Set: 25 x 40 mm, Minisheet: 90 x 100 mm
Issue date:2024-02-20
Stamp Values:30p, 60p, 90p, 1, 1.15, 4