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Year Pack 2007

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Year Pack 2007

Year Pack 2007 (view technical specs)

The complete sets of commemorative stamps from any given year are included inside our magnificent Year Packs. This philatelic product is highly attractive and very popular. They are produced for collectors who prefer ordering their stamps once a year only and are printed in high quality material with informative text translated into five languages. The stamps are mounted on special philatelic mounts on the inside pages and the pack folds out for easy access to all pages.

Gibraltar Year packs are a superb way to collect the complete years of stamps! The 2007 include the following stamps

Diamond Wedding Anniversary - 28th February 2007
50 Years of the Treaty of Rome - 28th February 2007
Tribute to Princess Diana - 31st March 2007
Cruise Ships III - 15th May 2007
100th Anniversary of Scouting - 30th June 2007
Gibraltar Postal Anniversaries - 26th September 2007
Prehistoric Wildlife in Gibraltar - 26th September 2007
Personalised Stamps YouStamps® - 26th September 2007
Panoramic Views of Gibraltar - 1st October 2007
Christmas 2007 - 2nd November 2007

Technical Description
Design: Stephen Perera
Cover image: Charles Cruz
Inside images: Corbis
Printer: Incografic
Process: 4 colour lithography
Date of issue:

Technical Specs

Design:Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:Stephen Perera
Stamp size:
Issue date:2007-12-31
Stamp Values:Complete 2007