SOLD OUT Gibraltar 2020 Low Value Coins

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SOLD OUT Gibraltar 2020 Low Value Coins

The latest Gibraltar 2020 low value coins are now available. The follwoing coins are included in the set:

1p Coin - Commonwealth Park

A beautifully landscaped park nestled within the old city walls which provides a peaceful green recreational area in the heart of town.

2p Coin - Marina

At the gateway to the Mediterranean are Gibraltar’s award-winning marinas; Ocean Village and neighbouring Marina Bay.

5p Coin - Windsor Bridge

One of Gibraltar’s newest tourist attractions, the suspension bridge 71 metres in length, across a 50-metre-deep gorge affording visitors magnificent views of bay and city.

10p Coin - Barbary Partridge

The Barbary Partridge, Alectoris Barbara, belongs to the family Phasianidae, and is distinguished from other partridges by its blue-grey bib framed with chestnut brown.

The obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II.