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Centenary of Cinema

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Centenary of Cinema

Centenary of Cinema (view technical specs)

Two miniature sheets depicting stars from different countries, genres and eras of cinema. Ingrid Bergman from Sweden, Marlene Dietrich from Germany, Laurence Olivier from the UK and Vittorio de Sica from Italy appears on one MS.

Audrey Hepburn from Belgium, Romy Schneider from Austria, Yves Montand from France and Marilyn Monroe from the USA appear on the second MS.


Technical Specs

Design:Mark Whyte
Illustration / Photography:Corbis Ltd
Printer:House of Questa
Process:Offset Lithography
Stamp size:30 x 40mm (MS 116 x 80mm)
Issue date:1995-11-13
Stamp Values:5p, 24p, 24p, 24p, 24p, 25p, 28p, 38p,