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Year Pack 2000 Sold Out

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Year Pack 2000

Year Pack 2000 Sold Out (view technical specs)

The Year Packs contains all the year's commemorative stamps, miniature sheets and souvenir sheets presented inside an attractive pack as illustrated above. They are only priced at the face value of all the stamps inside and are a limited publication of only 5000 copies.

The elegant and colourful Year Packs are one of the best ways to collect all Gibraltar stamps issued and contain text on all the issues written in five different languages. What a wonderful way to collect Gibraltar stamps!

Issued 1st December 2000
Contains all stamps issued in 2000
Design: Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau

Stamps 2000
'Stampin' The Future' – 28th January
Europa 2000 – 17th April
Tribute to European Football – 17th April
Millennium Stamps – 9th May
HRH Prince William's 18th Birthday – 21st June
HM The Queen Mother's 100th Birthday – 4th August
Wings Of Prey II – 15th September
Free. £5 High Value Definitive – 15th September .Free
Christmas 2000 – 13th November

Technical Specs

Design:Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:Stephen Perera
Stamp size:
Issue date:2000-12-31
Stamp Values:Complete 2000